This is Seaweed Dulse Flakes
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This is Seaweed Dulse Flakes

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Dulse, or Dillisk in Irish, gives a rich marine flavour due to its omega 3 and 6 content. The seaweedäó»s initial salty taste develops into a delicious smokey/nutty flavour; it was recently compared to the taste of bacon! Due to its high level of zinc and vitmans B6 and B12, Dulse is a real immune booster.

Did you know that Dulse is one of the few vegetables containing natural vitamin B12. Even leafy greens can't compete with Dulse.

Dulse Flakes are very versatile and can be sprinkled over mashed potato or eggs as a salt substitute. They don't need to be cooked and therefore can be sprinkled over any dish to enrich it with nutrition and flavour. 

Here's some sample recipes

This is a 20g tin. 

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